Tank cleaning heads

Highest flow rates for cleaning

In 1973, URACA was the first company in the world to launch a 3-D cleaning head. It revolutionized cleaning of the interior of tanks and enabled efficient and automatic cleaning of reactors, tanks and autoclaves without the need for people to get in. Downtimes of plants can be reduced thanks to the cleaning process. 
The URACA tank cleaning heads can be operated with high flow rates at a high operating pressure of up to 1,600 bar. An extensive range of accessories and options completes the URACA range.

Advantages of URACA tank cleaning heads

  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • pressure seals with a long service life
  • compact exterior dimensions and low weight
  • suitable for areas subject to explosion hazards
  • low contamination tendency of the smooth housing surface
  • high corrosion and temperature resistance
  • adjustable, wear-free and encapsulated magnetic brake
  • optionally available for long or compact rotors
  • extremely low flow resistance
  • extremely quiet even when using freely suspended on the hose

URACA tank cleaning heads at a glance

URACA offers a wide range of tank cleaning heads for interior cleaning.

Tank cleaning heads

Use of tank cleaning heads

High-pressure pumps from URACA generate the cleaning jet required for the hydrodynamic cleaning process. High-pressure water flows via a pipe or hose to the tank cleaning head positioned inside the container to be cleaned. It works either freely on a hose from above or via a high-pressure pipe vertically or horizontally in the container. The partially or fully automatic positioning by means of a special device is possible. 

The degree of soiling determines the design of the tank cleaning head and the cleaning parameters such as operating pressure, flow rate, rotor speed and cleaning time. 

How a tank cleaning head works

The tank cleaning head works on the basis of the hydrodynamic principle. The repulsion power of the water as it exits the nozzles drives the cleaning head. Together with the lever arm on the rotor, this generates a torque that causes the shaft to rotate. An external drive is not necessary. The internal gearbox transmits the rotary motion to the built-in eddy current brake and the connection shaft of the tank cleaning head. In addition, the head rotates about its longitudinal axis and rotates in two levels.


URACA tank cleaning heads are in use worldwide and prove themselves in tough daily use. The use in potentially explosive areas is also possible. In the new and further development of the products for container interior cleaning, URACA continues to set milestones. If you have any questions about the tank cleaning heads, contact URACA now. The experts will gladly advise you comprehensively.