High pressure pumps

with high mechanical efficiencies

The URACA high-pressure pumps are in operation worldwide and supply the required delivery pressure and flow rate for industrial applications. In addition to the bare-shaft high-pressure plunger pumps, URACA offers units and suitable accessories for stationary or mobile cleaning applications. In addition to simple hand operated plunger pumps for pressure testing, large three, four or five plunger pumps of various designs are available with specific advantages for specific applications.

Benefits of URACA high-pressure pumps

  • sophisticated design solutions
  • robust pump design
  • displacement pumps in different versions
  • low energy consumption
  • high mechanical efficiencies
  • low-wear operation
  • long operating times up to several decades
  • can be used in almost all branches of industry
  • high pressure up to 3,000 bar
  • tailor-made, customized solutions
  • secured long spare parts supply

Overview of URACA high-pressure pumps

URACA offers a huge range of high pressure pumps for various applications.


Various areas of applications

URACA high pressure pumps are suitable for use in many industries. They can be found in municipal service providers and in complex industrial applications such as refineries or chemical plants. Further applications of the pumps are fertilizer production, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, hygiene industry and steel mills.

Media to be pumped with URACA high-pressure pumps

URACA high-pressure pumps convey all types of media that are in a fluid state of aggregation. These can be media such as water, oils or liquid gases such as CO2 and ammonia. Also suitable are the pumps for conveying oils with very high temperatures or abrasive media with high dirt and particle content such as coal mash or detergent slurry.

The spectrum of URACA high-pressure pumps

The size and power spectrum of URACA high-pressure pumps vary to a large degree. Smallest pumps start with powers of a few kilowatts and a weight of only 60 kilograms. The largest five-plunger pumps to date achieve output levels of several megawatts and weigh around 40 tonnes.


As a world-renowned manufacturer of high-pressure pumps, URACA provides solutions for many different industrial applications. The performance levels of the pumps vary to a large degree. Both standard products and tailor-made, customized solutions are available. All questions about the range of high-pressure pumps are answered by the experts of URACA. Contact them now.