URACA Movie: Innovative customized high-pressure pumps

For more than 125 years, the family business URACA has been supplying its customers with motor-driven high-pressure pumps and suitable accessories. The focus: innovative solutions, which are exactly tailored to the respective applications and processes in the industry. Customers include chemical plants, refineries, the construction industry, trades and municipalities, as well as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Let our company film take you on an interesting journey through the world of high-pressure technology, experience our spirit and get to know us... Link to the URACA movie on homepage.

In addition to water, the high-pressure pumps also pump liquid gases, oils and other challenging media. Accordingly, the high-pressure solutions have to be highly diverse. URACA's services range from small, mobile to large individually planned pump units with several megawatts of power.

Here it goes to the applications. And here you can fins our systems & products.

The competent system supplier of pump and high-pressure technology shows particular flexibility, because: URACA has a very high vertical range of manufacturing. Thus URACA grants its customers in the market the required flexibility in terms of time. Manufacturing and assembly are "made in Germany" with highest precision and reliability.

You can find more information on customer-specific solutions here.

The advantages of URACA's customized solutions at a glance:

  • customized system solutions
  • competent advice and professional service
  • high-quality products & engineering with highest precision
  • globally deployable systems
  • highest process reliability and plant availability
  • Safety for people and plants


Decades of know-how for special solutions - always close to the customer

In order to develop and provide systems and components for high-pressure technology, in-depth knowledge of the individual processes and requirements of customers is indispensable. For this reason, the customers and URACA work together at an early stage, right from the first phases of the project. From support in drawing up specifications, through commissioning and control, to maintenance of the high-pressure pumps in the plants: The experts support the customer with their knowledge during the entire process. In addition to engineering for the high-pressure technology system, the services include risk analysis and validation as well as all the necessary safety and certification documents.

Further information on automation technology. As well as detailed information about explosion protection.

Focus on energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a high priority at URACA. For example, through the installation of heat recovery systems or the latest techniques for heating and cooling in the new buildings throughout the entire plant. With its own turbine, URACA generates its own green electricity with hydroelectric power, thereby significantly reducing its own CO2 emissions.

In addition, URACA's customers attach great importance to energy-efficient products. For this reason, we strive for an efficiency of well over 90 % for our plunger pumps, for example. With the effective combination of the individual components, we finally assemble the components into an energy-efficient pump unit, pressure test unit or high-pressure cleaning system. This is not only good for the environment, but also means a high sustainable savings potential for the user over the entire product life cycle.

Intergenerational employer

Collegiality is very important in the medium-sized company URACA. A secure job, short decision making processes and the ability to face new challenges - this is what the employees appreciate here. But also the future employees can benefit from the manufacturer of high pressure solutions. Thus URACA plays an active role in schools and universities. Finally, a high training quota ensures and supports the start of a career.

"Short decision-making processes, flexible, dynamic, committed and that we are one big family" - that is what makes URACA stand out, according to Managing Director Gunter Stöhr. More about us, you will find in this link!