High Pressure Technology for Spray Tower Feeding

For drying solutions, emulsions or suspensions, the so-called spray-drying is often used. By means of an atomizer, a wide variety of fluids can be dried in a spray tower in a short time to a fine powder.

URACA always has the right solution for the high-pressure technology needed to atomize the media. The pumps have a high degree of efficiency and are optimally adapted to the abrasive properties of the media to be pumped.

Our services for your benefit

  • worldwide use of URACA pumps in spray towers
  • low wear and long service life of the pumps
  • specially adapted to the media wetted parts
  • liquid wetted parts made of stainless steel
  • use of ball valves
  • flushing of the stuffing boxes and plunger
  • low maintenance
  • high efficiency, low energy consumption
  • flow rate precisely adjustable by speed regulation

Spray drying and its applications

Typical applications of spray drying can be found in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. As the process dries media in a few seconds or fractions of seconds, it works very gently. Especially for sensitive substances such as vitamins, hormones or proteins and essential oils, spray drying is ideal. The dried powder has a high solubility and good handling properties.

Exemplary applications are the production of:

  • milk powder
  • powdered coffee
  • powder glue
  • hormones, proteins, vitamins
  • detergent powder
  • fertilizer

The spray-drying process and its requirements

In the spray-drying process, nozzles atomize the solutions, emulsions or suspensions to be dried into fine droplets. In the cocurrent or countercurrent principle, the drying then takes place with tempered air or inert gas. A cyclone separator then separates the dry particles from the drying air. URACA pumps spray the medium by pressing it through a single-fluid nozzle at a pressure of 50 to 250 bar.

The nozzle is usually located in the upper part of the spray tower, but can also be placed in the bottom of the tower and work much like a fountain. The droplet size is dependent on the surface tension and viscosity of the medium, the diameter of the nozzle opening and the spray pressure. By varying the nozzles and the pump pressure, a flexible adaptation is possible.

A special challenge is the adaptation of the liquid end of the pump technology to the abrasive, pasty conveying media. Low speed pump units are used to minimize wear and tear of valves and stuffing box internals. For the exact setting of the required hauling capacity, the flexible, stepless control of the pumps is required.

With a wide range of high quality, variable performance pumps, URACA is able to handle a wide range of spray drying applications. The pumps are individually adapted to the different media and are characterized by their reliability and low maintenance.

Are you interested in durable pumps for your drying system? Contact us now. The URACA experts will be happy to assist you and find the right solution for you.